Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | October 19, 2008

New Blog Home

I am just now setting up this blog as a continuation of my former one at Snake Oil Baron. All my former posts are there. I would be posting there still but blogger, AKA blogspot is owned by Google and as far as I can tell, WordPress is not. While Google provides an incredible search engine (likely due to the use of computer programs rather than human editors), it also is behind the “Google News” site which is so far to the left in it’s editorial bias that sources often have words like “People’s” and “Marxist” in the name of the publication. But even that would be tolerable behavior from a company that hosted my blog for free. What is not is that Google also owns YouTube which sees fit to host violent and hateful terrorist propaganda, long after being informed of its presence, in the interest of free speech while banning content which criticizes the practice of implimenting Islamic law. Un-freakin’-acceptable. A company which provides hosting services to pro-terrorist material but bans opposition to theocracy is not one I want to be associated with.

So I am here, until WordPress decides to do something to nausiate me. Hopefully they won’t and this will be a nice long relationship.


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