Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | October 21, 2008

Death Ship

Given that most of the crucial details on this story are coming from anonymous Russian intelligence sources and the idea of a massive dirty bomb attack is an extreme claim without the extreme evidence to back it up yet, I don’t know what to make of the theory.

A massive cargo carrier called the MV Iran Deyanat was intercepted by Somali pirates. The shipping company is an Iranian state company with a history of fabricating and obscuring manifest information. It claimed to be exporting “iron ore” from China (China is an importer of iron ore) to Europe. The pirates busted open some containers which had passcode protected locks and found a light sand like substance. Then, over the next few days 16 of them died of radiation like sickness. I have read that this kind of lethality is more reminiscent of nuclear waste than weapon’s fuel (the radiation theory seems more likely than the chemical exposure theory given the timing and nature of the symptoms but that is not for me to say).

So then the Russian sources come into the picture, claiming the ship was a massive dirty bomb that was going to be detonated after leaving the Suez.

I am not fully sold on this. The Russian sources may be screwing with us. But there are two things that bug me about this story:

Firstly, the ship has reportedly set to sea in the direction of Oman though I seem to recall that this information came from Iranian media. And Iran is the nation that just caught a couple of Spy Pigeons spying on one of their nuclear sites. Satellite cameras may be good but it is a big ocean with lots of ships and the fact that this ship may have just left, even with several US navy vessels waiting to have a word with them (UN rules allow it to be searched due to suspicion) makes me a little nervous.

Secondly, Iran’s bluster about Israel soon being destroyed never really seemed credible. Even if Iran could have developed, launched and successfully hit an Israeli city like Jerusalem, it would not have “destroyed” Israel. And land based dirty bombs would be hard enough to smuggle into one city without being caught. But this container ship plan is different. I don’t know the amounts of material, the explosives needed to heave the stuff into the air, the area of dispersal or anything, but if you could contaminate a large enough section of the area of Israel, it would make people unable to live there either directly due to radiation sickness or psychologically.

And since we are dealing with a government that believes they are trying to issue in the chaos of the end of days and the arrival of the 12th Imam, any motivation to avoid such a plan because they might incur hostilities with other nations or might harm allies is irrelevant.

Maybe the bragging about Israel soon being destroyed is actually based on a workable plan. I hope someone actually does know where that ship is and to whom it might be transferring the cargo.



  1. I saw your Obama post on your Blogspot blog and wanted to show you this:

  2. Ronduck: Thanks for the link. I am glad someone is chronicling the glorification of our new God.

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