Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | October 25, 2008

Death Ship Found

Maybe. There are unconfirmed reports that the ship was released to US, Russian and French naval forces. It may have been an instance of illegal trafficking in nuclear waste or a real dirty bomb (or the beginning of one) meant to render Israel uninhabitable so as to usurer in the return of the Hidden Imam and the day of doom. At any rate, no one needs to know for sure one way or another. Go back to your homes and places of business.



  1. Who is the source for this?

  2. Good question. Much of it is hard to source but…

    The claim that the ship’s contents killed pirates is fairly common in the news media reports.

    The source that the Iranian shipping company is shady is here

    The claim that the ship is no longer in pirate custody comes from the Iranian media

    The assertion that the Russian sources claim it was a dirty bomb and that the ship is in custody (link in the post) are the weakest.

    But what bothers me is that for the first time I have heard of a plan that could actually do (in theory) what the President of Iran has claimed will soon happen: the destruction of Israel. Whether it would work is less important than that it could be attempted and cause a lot of damage. even if the main goal was not obtainable.

    But then, the plan may have just been to sneak nuclear waste into European cities for several dirty bombs or to dispose of in the Mediterranean sea as a mixture of cost saving methods in waste disposal and annoying the Europeans and Arabs when they discover their fish to be glowing in the dark. You know, small stuff.

  3. I seem to need to change a setting to make hyper links underlined. Without this it is hard to see links. I will straighten that out tomorrow.

  4. It looks like I would have to purchase a piece of software to actually change things in the “stylesheet”. I changed the theme so that the links are a better colour. That will have to do for now.

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