Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | November 5, 2008

My Wellwishes to President Elect Obama

It’s not really a secret that I am not a fan of President elect Obama’s economic policies and political beliefs. I hope that much of what he has promised is either for partisan promotional purposes or if not, that he manages to surround himself with some people who can provide him with opposing views.

I don’t know how much of the Black Panther polling security services and the ACORN voting fraud he actually was directly involved in but I don’t think that the fraud and Philadelphia disgrace was sufficient to have changed the results.

So whether or not he spends all his time in power trying (with whatever degree of success) to bring in failed Marxist/socialist policies, he did manage to get elected to the highest office of his nation and is now set to become, arguably, the most influential man on the planet. This achievement  will hopefully serve as an inspiration to young people of all races around the world. Of course, it might quickly turn to resentment among those who hate success and feel that his achievement takes away from their excuse for lacking success but that’s just hard cheese for them.

I intend to keep an eye out for the things Obama does that I approve of (it is a rare individual who literally does everything wrong) and openly support such acts. I will try to remember how I felt about the character of those moonbats who made dramas lusting over the possibility of George Bush’s assassination when I am angered by Obama’s acts. I will try to remember at all times that I want him to succeed because I want his nation to succeed due to the values it embraces. That does not mean I will not sarcastically call him a imperialistic warmonger if he were to use US forces against tyrants and their aggression but I would eventually cut the sarcasm and commend the act. If he uses US forces to support such tyranny, I plan to call him a dick.

The idea that there is a young black Ronald Reagan out there who will be looking at the man whom I believe is a young black Jimmy Carter (if you think of that as a complement you might be reading the wrong blog) and saying “I could do a better job that that guy” is a comforting one.

So good luck Obama. I hope you pleasantly surprise me.

PS. Uh, America? Why would you relelect a Democratic Congress with an approval rating so small you need an electron microscope to measure it? I don’t think that even the media voted for the Democrats in Conggress. I don’t think that even the Democrats in Congress voted for themselves. WTF?



  1. Regarding the P.S.- why they vote for Democrats in Congress.

    There are many reasons to vote Democratic. The Republicans have managed to alienate many groups in America. If you prefer religion separate from govt., you might vote democratic. The religious right attracts votes, but it also scares away votes. If you’re for unions, you can’t vote Republican. If you’re pro-choice, you have to think twice before voting for Republicans. The female voters are the biggest “minority” out there. The Democrat Party claims to be the party of the minority communities (black, Hispanics, jews, homosexuals etc.). The fact is, that most people do not follow politics closely enough to evaluate candidates, and vote their political party. Population wise, the democrats outnumber the Republicans. In order for Republicans to gain control, theyhave to run a both somebody with good hair and talks good on TV, and the Democrats have to blow it big time.

  2. When I was younger the Republicans seemed to me like they were far too aligned with those who would make religion a state program for evangelistic purposes. Lately though, having seen how dishonest and biased the media is, I have been asking myself how much of this is real and how much is media cherry picking. If there were as many Christian theocrats in the Republican party base as there are Marxists, Islamic theocrats and various scoundrels in the Democratic base I would be truly afraid of the Republicans but that is no longer my impression.

    You are right that the Republicans can alienate some groups but I am not so sure that the Republicans’ abortion position is all that harmful. While I am not personally anti-abortion a lot Americans are; even a surprisingly large number of women. Even the separation of pro-life vs pro-choice views between the two parties is only partial.

    But as you say, a lot of people don’t follow politics and are more likely to absorb the narrative they see on TV news shows where most of the personalities and producers are long-time (and self identified) Democratic party supporters – both politically and financially.

    I think the biggest problem the Republicans have is alienating those who support them for their claim to be champions of fighting government pork and corruption, only to be found perpetuating it – even colluding in a spirit of bipartisan friendship to block their own efforts at increasing transparency.

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