Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | November 9, 2008

When in Rome Protect Everyone’s Honour From the Women Folk

The Italian state is trying to get in on the whole “honour crime” bandwagon. Why should the Muslims have all the fun? They are trying to send a comedienne to jail (five years maybe) for insulting the Pope – thereby damaging his honour. The insult was that the Pope would die one day and end up in hell being tormented by homosexual demons. If that was profound enough of an insult to damage the Pope’s honour then I guess they don’t make honour like they used to. But then if a Muslim’s daughter dating an infidel or loosing her virginity is such a blow to his honour that the daughter is guilty of a capital offence then maybe they haven’t been making the decent, resilient honour for some time.

Why don’t Islam and Christianity come to an understanding and get rid of women all together. Then everyone’s honour will be safe.

And to be fair, this Pope will actually be tormented by the pedophile priests he covered for since he will be down there in the form of a 10 year old altar boy.

Honour. Right.


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