Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | November 13, 2008

Was I Naive To Trust the News?

When the news comes from a wire service, maybe.

Actual new sources had reported on the deaths of 16 Somali pirates after they opened cargo on the hijacked MV Iran Deyanat. Other, less verifiable sources claimed that Russian intelligence people had leaked info to the effect that the ship was intended to be a massive dirty bomb and that it had been taken into custody by American, French and Russian naval vessels and inspected.

Now the ship has allegedly turned up at its intended destination at Rotterdam and no one considers it a security risk.

Was there ever anything dangerous on the ship? Was it ever searched by anyone? Did Pirates really die of something very similar to radiation poisoning after opening the cargo or did they just eat in the ships galley on red tide oyster night? No news is good news. Or – no news is all we seem to deserve.

Well, it is all nice and good for everyone to put this whole issue down to right wing neo-con blogs like mine (well, not mine exactly – popular ones) conjuring up conspiracies – maybe I do owe an admission of gullibility. But before I make that admission, would it be too much to ask for the news agencies who started the story about the irradiated pirates to either retract the story or provide us with some follow up about how they came to feel that the tale of plutonium pirates was credible enough to run with?

Whether this was another in a long line of fake news stories from the Middle East, made up by the media or picked up from terrorists and stringers with no investigation into the sources or events or just simply a complete lack of interest in their own work as journalists remains to be seen.

If media corporations who are supposed to be making revenue off of actual journalism can’t be bothered to confirm or deny the basic details of a story, where are bloggers supposed to get the resources to do so. Which is more intellectually dishonest: trafficking in rumors, or creating them in the first place?

Anyway, I may or may not have been suckered by believing the media again. It probably won’t be the last time. If everything the media told you were lies and mistakes you could still use them as a useful source of information by just believing the opposite of everything they tell you. Unfortunately, our media is just accurate enough to be completely misleading.

And, who, exactly is the guy in Rotterdam receiving a shipment of iron ore from a nation which imports large amounts of iron ore? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy it from a nation which exports the stuff? I don’t want to tell the Europeans how to run their businesses but apparently someone needs to.


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