Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | November 30, 2008

The People of India Are Left To Ask One Question…

“Why do they (the West) hate us?”

(Updated below)

Because if the Indian people have not clued in to the fact that Westerners of a leftist bent (which is becoming a redundant term these days) have turned against them the recent reaction to events in Mumbai ought to lift the veil.

Western media reactions I have read or viewed in interviews:

  • Is there any indication these could be attacks by Hindu extremists or Sikhs? (Yeah, the singling out of Jews as special targets wasn’t a clue or anything.)
  • Once the Indian police commandos ascertained that there were no more hostages, did they make an effort to take the insurgents/freedom fighters alive? (Since I am paraphrasing the media quotes I am trying to use their terminology.
  • Google ads for terrorist training are popping up next to news stories about the slaughter. Hey, don’t blame Google. The ads are placed based on keywords on the pages. If Google child-porn ads pop up on daycare web pages you wouldn’t assume Google had any responsibility for that would you?

Some Muslim reactions. The video is especially revealing.

Comments by Westerners on media websites include demands for India to examine its oppression of Muslims (I suppose that would be forcing them to live under democratic secular laws which treat them as being only of equal worth to a Hindu) and its ties with the Jews and Americans and demands that they not point fingers at Pakistan for providing personnel and Saudi Arabia for providing funding. With all the crimes against Christians in Northern India recently, how is it that Muslims are the ones who feel “oppressed”? Other comments by my fellow Westerners are along the lines of there being reports that the terrorists were not Muslim at all but blond haired kids in punk rock fashions meaning they were obviously working for America (because the CIA and Bush/Rove paramilitary types always hire blond punk rockers to impersonate South Asian jihadis).

The reason Western leftists have turned against India is that India has strayed (slightly) from the true faith of socialism and they dare to oppose the heroic enemy of America – Islam. India has joined Iraq as the new Israels. They can now expect to be on the receiving end of an unending campaign of abuse, slander and hatred from the journalists of the world. A few news outlets will sometimes screw up and actually air some sympathetic content once in a while but for the most part, India should get used to their role as one of America’s little Satans. Indian suffering is officially inconsequential compared to the greater good of the religion of peace in the eyes of the West.


The New York Post reports on this Phenomenon (via the Jawa Report).


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