Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | December 1, 2008

When Police Ask You Not To Broadcast Live From a Crime Scene…

What would your first instinct be?

CNN nearly got an interviewee killed but the BBC actually made it happen. Do you get points towards a Peabody award if you get someone killed? I know that antisemitism makes you a shoe in for a Pulitzer but TV and radio need a little more razzle-dazzle.



  1. What ever happened to ‘Anonymous Sources’ at an ‘Undisclosed’ locations? When covering politicians these very same media rely on ‘anonymous’ sources to protect the politician from voters’ reactions.

  2. These days when I see “anonymous source” I assume that the reporter is too lazy to think up a fake name for his imaginary friend. But your right about them taking more care to protect their sources’ reputations than to protecting the lives of innocent people – the hostages are one time deals so there’s no need cultivating a reputation with them.

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