Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | December 12, 2008

Homemade Death-Chopper Bots and Panda-Strangling Freak Machines

I love that title. A post would be kind of anticlimactic after a title like that but I thought I would share some robot and technology stories I have seen:

A homemade R/C helicopter with a hand gun for people who really hate visitors.

A really slick looking multi-function robot. Like many such robots it looks like it is doing mostly limited pre-learned tasks though not completely pre-programed in its movements. What is important is that physical hardware continues to advance and as more “pre-learned” tasks become actually useful and the programming and machine learning R/D the uses for these things will expand greatly. Plus it will scare the crap out of small kids and pets! Who doesn’t love that! It picks up a stuffed panda in the video and I was just waiting to see if it would rip the head off it screaming “EXTERMINATE!!!”

And while watching robots kill salesmen, clean your house and rip the heads of toy pandas, why not have them make you an omelet or a potato pancake or whatever the hell this is.

I remember when I first saw vehicle mounted sniper detection systems. Now they are coming out with versions that can be worn by individual soldiers.That would be perfect for the ATF agents once those homemade R/C choppers start carrying  sniper rifles. Or they could just get out of the alcohol tobacco and firearm regulation business all together and focus on terrorism and child porn traffickers. Just a thought.

Not long ago I watched a discovery channel show about building a bridge across a canyon and one of the trickier tasks was stringing the lines between the sides using a helicopter. China has developed rockets to just blast the lines across. That might just save some time and money on such projects since you do not have to have a helicopter crew on standby waiting for winds to die down.

Also in China, authorities are having to allow some more truth into the conventional state media due to the onslaught of new media. They are a long way from having an independent media but then so are Western nations.

And the digital earthquake continues to shake Arab and Middle Eastern societies.

Robots and rockets and blogs. Oh my!


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