Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | December 16, 2008

Loafers for Losers

The media has decided that we have a new folk hero in the shoe throwing moonbat. In appreciation of all that the media has done to us over the last few years and in response to their plunging stock values and market shares, I am proud to announce a new charitable program:

Loafers for Losers.

Just save up any old shoes you have and on your next trip to a city with a large news media industry, pop on down to one of their head offices like that of, say…  the New York times, the L.A. Times or any of the “big” TV news networks and throw your shoes at the front door (not so hard as to break glass – giving them cause for a lawsuit might be a bit too generous). Not only will they admire your folk heroics but they will be able to burn the shoes for warmth when they can no longer afford to heat their offices due to a lack of revenue. Apparently, the market for spittle drenched ravings and delusional conspiracy theories has been eroded by the proliferation of the World Wide Web.

So remember the editors, reporters, producers, news anchors and other drunks who have worked so hard these last few years to shape your opinions, mold your views, bring you fake-based accuracy and protect you from potentially confusing information and facts. Get out there and toss a hack a shoe! You’ll be glad you did.


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