Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | January 20, 2009

What Year Is It?

Deep into 2009 already? That must have been a Hell of a holiday.

Since everyone is cleaning up after the first round of today’s massive group Obamagasm, and watching yet another Obama related stock plunge, (if this guy keeps making speeches we are all going to be living in caves) I thought I would post some things that might be of interest to the more secular crowd:

Egypt has been having some success in their unintended eco-engineering experiment. The sewage and fertilizer runoff into the Nile has created a booming fishery.

Al Qaeda in the Land of the Islamic Maghreb (AQLIM [gesundheit]) lost about 40 insurgents or freedom fighters or minutemen or something other than terrorists (i.e. terrorists) to what is currently believed to have been plague. An Algerian glorious revolutionary struggle camp was decimated, causing survivors to dump their comrades and former lovers in a mass grave and flea flee. Plague is present in many nations but rarely finds the right mix of living conditions needed to spread quickly; a bunch of rat ridden medieval cave dwellers with far more ammo than antibiotics fits the bill. It is hard to say if the outbreak resulted in the any of the more infectious pneumonic versions of the disease which is not dependent on the fleas as vectors but if so the jihadis may be spreading it to other AQ groups or innocent civilians.  The Washington Times quotes an unnamed intelligence official as saying that the deaths were due to a botched attempt at creating a biological or chemical weapon but anonymous intelligence sources who speak to the media have a pretty piss-poor track record as far as i am concerned – both in the accuracy of their statements and their actual existence. AQ’s various human resource departments are probably getting a bit nervous about accepting employee transfers on a walk in basis. In an almost Karmic coincidence the AQLIM was responsible for killing 41 people when it bombed a UN building in Algeria in 2007. So whether this was a workplace accident or a  side effect of their caveman lifestyle, it just about evens the score for that event at least. Given that AQ and the UN are working towards the same goals (evil, suffering, tyranny, corruption etc.) it is  a shame they have to squabble.

There has been a sharp drop in immigration to the Netherlands from Morocco and Turkey. Demographics are interesting. Is this due to tighter immigration restrictions, different conditions in the Netherlands, different conditions in Morocco and Turkey or something else? Demographics are interesting but getting good and relevant information in an accessible manner and in the context of periods of time rather than instances of time is a real headache.

Morocco is getting into the offshoring industry with gusto  – Gusto claims to be optomistic about the venture.

Sudan continues to see how unstable it can get before it self-destructs.

The Middle East and North African (MENA) nations are expecting to see a 5% drop in the growth of the ITC industries in 2009 but the fact that they are still expecting to see growth when oil prices are down and the global economy is spinning its wheels shows how important these investments are. And the Middle East’s Airline industry is still optimistic.

A french drug company is opening a plant in Tunisia. Part of the production is intended for African markets.

Embryonic “Chinatowns” are begining to appear in Arab nations.

The Internet seems to be following Moore’s law. (Moore’s observation really but why nitpick?)

Have you ever thought of building a floating island out of plastic bottles and trash and other crap for no apparent reason? Why not? What’s wrong with you?


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