Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | March 17, 2009

Undoing the Damage

Going back to when Obama was first nominated as the Democratic candidate I have seen Obama supporters commenting (on just about every topic from science and technology to history or on blogs featuring pictures of dogs wearing funny hats) about how Obama and the “adults”; the Democratic party’s reality-based enlightened ones, would need to “fix” things and repair the horrible damage that Bush did to the world and to America’s international image.

Well, the Rightly Guided Ones seem to have been unable to “fix” the crisis brought on by the highly progressive government Democratic Party intervention in the financial, auto/manufacturing and other industries. But let’s not focus on that. After all, there seem to be slightly fewer several-hundred-billion-dollar bailouts and stimulation ejaculations this week. And the stock market seems to have gone from the screaming free-fall stage to the groaning and gasping stage when it checks itself for broken bones. So really, doing less damage than they have been doing, both recently and in the years of Congressional malfeasance and chicanery (the expiry date on my thesaurus is almost up – gotta use the big words while they are still fresh), is kind of like fixing the economy.

And other aspects of domestic policy can’t be blamed on him because he has had to slow down the staffing process dramatically due to the lack of tax paying Democrats to appoint. It’s hard to do a good job when you’re flying the whole submarine by yourself.

Now where he really excels is in the foreign policy realm. Sure he has baffled some world leaders with his administration’s choice of gifts. And he has been snubbing America’s allies (both real and potential) in favor of cultivating friendly relations with terrorist organizations and heads of state who hate America and always will regardless of how much they supported Obama during the election. But Bush once tried to exit press meeting through a locked door! Remember that? How funny it was! And how much shame it brought on America.

Obama is going to close Gitmo once suitable suburban bungalows are found in the home nations of the unwanted inmates and it doesn’t matter if it takes some time since he had a study done showing that Gitmo was in compliance with the Geneva Convention. And he may not be bringing “troops home now” but that is okay because having America in Iraq under the Democratic Party does not antagonize terrorists the way Republicans did, thus short-circuiting the cycle of violence. God those terrorists are partisan.

So he has “fixed” the economy back to just over a 7000 point DOW and high unemployment. Everything else is pretty much as Bush left it except with worsening relationships with America’s allies and less credibility in the eyes of her enemies. At this rate of “damage” repair there soon won’t be anything left to fix. Maybe he won’t even need to have a second term in office.


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