Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | March 25, 2009

Charity Cases

After years of publishing little else but Democratic Party propaganda, unedited and un-investigated terrorist screeds, Marxist rants and various other forms of cult-cause nonsense from pseudo-academia not to mention the amateurish, even fraudulent excuses for journalism, it seems that the newspaper industry is having trouble. Competing with websites put out by paranoid delusional solvent abusers, not to even mention the many blogs and news sites which actually have integrity and professionalism that most journalists could not even imagine possible, is just not possible for today’s newspapers. The claptrap market is saturated from TV news and UFO/Freemasonry websites and the quality journalism market is well outside of the scope of practice of most newspapers.

So of course, they need a bailout. But the Democrats have come up with an innovative, non-bailout bailout solution. They want to let some of these newspapers restructure into non-profits, leaving them free of many forms of taxation which, presumably, profitable and professional newspapers (there are some – mostly at the local level) would continue to pay. Carry water for the left or for sharia oriented faith-based groups and become a charity case. Sounds about right.

Funny, I remember myself and others joking about a media bailout some time back. Joke’s on us.


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