Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | April 8, 2009

Various Things

You know how smokers and health Nazis have long been debating about who costs more to the health system: smokers with more disease or longer living old healthy people. Well researchers have been hard at work crunching the numbers and feel that every pack of smokes actually saves  32 cents of health care costs. (Where the Hell is the “cents” symbol on the computer keyboard? I know there is some special mojo to bring up a list of special symbols to copy and paste but really! Do people actually use that thing that looks like a colon which has been squished in a crowded subway – the thing over the backslash – more than the cents symbol?)

A California home has been constructed with a wood replacement made from bamboo, leading the first commenter to raise the issue of panda infestations. What is the best firearm to use if attacked by a large swarm of pandas? Keep in mind that they are big bear-like critters which can easily maul a human so you need something that will take them down with the first shot yet if there were a crowd of them (though they are generally solitary unless brought together by the irresistible temptation of a bamboo house), could fire repeatedly in quick succession.

The Democratic Congress voted to authorize Bush to go to war in Iraq. By doing so, the Democratic congressmen saved the lives of 600,000 Iraqis. Good job guys. Since Bush actually took the decision and took all the criticism when the times were tough you might say he should get the credit but history is written by the victorious and it was journalists who were victorious here. At least that is what they keep telling me. [New Straight Times published the piece as a letter to the editor.  Every time I am convinced that journalism is dead some rare example flares up to make me suspect that there is some small hope for the industry.]

Speaking of Bush… Have you Obamanacs who may have stumbled on this post wondered yet why Obama has not yet hauled Bush onto the carpet for his evil national security decisions? It is because they were all shared with the Democrats. What about closing Gitmo only after all the monsters are safely farmed out to American communities with welfare checks and not immediately closing it to stop the “gulag” treatment? Well, it seems the gulag was a media fantasy too; the conditions meet the Geneva Conventions – even though they needn’t have since non-uninformed terrorists were never protected under the conventions. Well, never mind.

South Sudan has a company that has started making beer. I don’t care if it tastes like a dead man’s crap, I would buy the stuff every week if I could (assuming it has decent alcohol for the price and is not poisonous), just to piss off the north Sudanese goblin of state and his Arab League and African Union sycophants. The Arab League I can see bending over to take one for a fellow freak dictator but the African Union has mostly black nations, many are largely Christians or other non-Muslim people and some are even nearly democracies. What do they get for defending an Arab ruler who is trying to cleanse his country of people of their race, and religions? Is giving a poke in the eye to the descendants of colonialists and slave masters who are mostly repetitive of their forebears’ actions really more satisfactory than showing unity to protect modern black Africans against the descendants of those who are largely unrepentant of the hard work their ancestors put in selling them to said slave masters? Oh well.

I meant to mention this back when I saw this Gizmag article but now that Next Big Future is  mentioning the concept I might as well jump on the bandwagon now. Using computers and mapping info and GPS, truckers (and, presumably, bus drivers and even cars owners who are willing to occasionally drive below the minimum 10 clicks above the speed limit norm) are going to be able to make much better fuel use as their cruise controls adjust to take advantage of changing inclines. I would assume that if they included data about road traffic they could slow down traffic coming towards a bottleneck to give it a chance to clear. Humans have an unfathomable tendency to drive right up to the back of the car ahead of them when traffic stops which means that each car needs to wait until every car, including the one ahead of them has started moving before they can begin moving, resulting in that start and stop motion that is typical of traffic jams. Keeping humans away from an opportunity to make such decisions by slowing them down in advance of a bottleneck would help ease traffic greatly.

Well many of us have heard of the {snicker} prophet {/snicker} Mohammad instructing his followers to drink camel urine for their health. And occasionally a health nut will instruct people to drink their own urine because… well, why would the kidneys go to all the trouble to filter and/or excrete something from the body if it wasn’t really needed in the body. (?). So some Indian entrepreneur decided: “Hey; there are people out there willing to drink urine. I bet some of them would be willing to buy urine if it tasted a bit more like cola than urine!” and so, the idea of cow urine cola was born.

In addition to the continued collapse of Russia’s economy, civil society, rule of law, military capacity, population/fertility rates and leaders’ sanity levels, Russia seems to be undergoing separative forces. It is not just ethnic enclaves like Chechnya now. Even Russian regions in the east are tired of being ruled by Moscow neo-Soviets. When police from the capital need to be sent vast distances to suppress protests because local police don’t want to do it, there is a problem for a command and control society.

Has Iran’s desire for nukes started an arms race between Shiite and Sunni nations in the Muslim world? Will the recent Saudi crackdown on minority Shiite dissidents increase tensions? Only time will tell (raised eyebrow here to look like a profound news anchor).

Well that is the most random crap I can stuff into this particular post today. More random crap will be made available at an unscheduled time. Cheerio.



  1. I enjoy the random meandering posts, Baron.
    The more politically incorrect, the better, of course.

  2. I will try to increase my politically incorrect content by 5% compounded monthly. But then there is a recession on so supplies may be limited.

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