Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | April 12, 2009


To begin, I would like to reiterate the title of this post:


The new immigration system which Canada, then Britain adopted sounded rather sensible; awarding potential immigrants “points” based on official language ability and valuable skills. But it is leading to a potential atrocity of an ungodly nature. Speaking of the situation in Britain, the article states:

Curry cooking was not considered a point-worthy skilled trade. This has devastated the curry industry

Damn soulless bureaucrats! They literally don’t realize the importance of the spice of life. And with second generation Indian and Bangladeshi immigrant kids wanting to pursue meaningless careers in the university educated professions, an unspeakable crisis is only beginning. I demand that the government add curry cooking to the list of point-worthy skilled trades!

No curry?

No peace!

(MMMMM… curried peas)


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