Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | May 8, 2009

What a Difference a Recession Makes

Some time ago I posted about how, in addition to Chinese cultural and economic contact with Africa, African immigrant communities, especially Nigerian neighborhoods, were emerging in China. Well they are still there but the recession has caused the Chinese government to crack down on those in the country illegally. It raises the question of whether international human rights groups will care. Certainly there won’t be any protests in China where people chant that “no one is illegal”.

In more immigrant irony, a UAE official created a controversy when he encouraged non-nationals (i.e. immigrants and temporary workers, of which most of the country is composed) to learn Arabic rather than just English, the language of business. The story is covered in this Arabian Business article. Interestingly, some of the commenters claim that they are actually better off hiding their knowledge of Arabic as it reduces their social standing among local employers and fellow employees.

And then, in another article, the same official expresses concern that foreigners stay too much with their own kind and don’t integrate well. That’s an amusingly familiar complaint though it is a little harder for foreigners to integrate with the locals in the UAE since there are so few locals compared with foreigners.




  1. Good lord, man! Just how many of these “blog” sort of things do you operate?

    And are they all related in some fashion to snakes?

    Cheerio, pip-pip, and all that rot,


  2. Ha! I don’t know how you discovered this one. Some unholy mixture of Google and voodoo no doubt. I think it is just these 2 unless I have created others in my sleep. I wonder if there has ever been a case of dissociative blogging where one blogs without being consciously aware or remembering what they have written.

    Of course snakes. What else? Tweety birds? No, no good man. Snakes are God’s chosen critters after all.

  3. “Snakes are God’s chosen critters after all.” Harrumph. Suspect the lovely Eve would beg to differ there, old chap.

    “Dissociative blogging.” Only if you start consuming Ambien in large quantities. I’ll become concerned if you start signing your posts as “Tyler Durden.”

  4. Eve needed to loosen up. The snake just helped her see the wisdom of eating the forbidden fig. Everyone lived happily ever after anyway. Or at least happier than sitting in a garden for all eternity playing tiddlywinks.

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