Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | May 27, 2009

The Suit May Not Be Entirely Empty

That empty suit/teleprompter duo may not have guts or brains but it certainly has nerve. The media might not notice this is going on but ordinary Americans who see their unemployment and the economic activity in their communities causally linked to the political identification of their boss or who their district voted for, might just clue in. This is going to be harder to hide than Air Force One terrorizing Manhattan. (I kid! Everyone knows that plane thing was just a weather balloon pushed off course by a UFO blinded by the light of Venus refracting through swamp gas.)

See, personally, I would have closed down the poorly performing Chrysler dealerships and left the highly profitable ones open, regardless of the political contributions of the owners or the voters but I guess Obama is the one with the credentials to run a major auto company that has been rapidly failing. Why, I can’t count the number of companies he has personally steered back from insolvency with his mastery of business and economics.

Well done Lee Iabama!


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