Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | June 5, 2009

The Eyes! They’re EVERYWHERE!!!

They are you know.

And one of the main causes of them becoming sightless are diseases affecting the cornea. Gizmag has an article describing a new procedure where adult stem cells (those would be the ones that religious people do not ascribe a soul to and thus can be used without hyperventilation) are cultivated from the patient and grown on a contact lens. A little eye surgery consisting of cornea cleaning and scraping and popping in the contact lens and in time the patient gains significant amounts of vision. It has only been done on three people but all three had improved vision. The results were not perfect but improvement in all three attempts is impressive for such preliminary work. One subject was able to pass a vision  test for a driver’s license. Two others went from legally blind to being able to read the big letters on an eye chart.

The Gizmag article includes more detail and a video with a couple of short clips of the eye surgery/scraping and cleaning and a lot of groovy lab footage. Even if you’re squeamish about eye surgery the video is well worth the view.

This procedure promises to be not all that expensive and I am pretty confident that results will improve as more knowledge and experience is gained. Whether you feel that my confidence is worth anything is your own business.


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