Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | June 27, 2009

Breaking News From CNN: We Are Tabloid TV

Well it might be news to them.

CNN has no trouble with people claiming that Sarah Palin is a dirty, filthy whore because she is an attractive woman, not a Democrat and does not wear a burka. But it becomes news when she makes a small dig about mule-face Kerry having a long face. Especially when she was responding to a comment by Kerry wishing she had been the governor to “disappear”. Someday, some reporter or interviewer or Democratic politician or Che-worshiping celebrity is going to go after Palin with a kitchen knife. They will get a few days in jail as a first time offence. If I were advising her I would tell her to get her family out of the country with new identities. The hatred being focused on her kids is really disturbing and the sexual nature of the hostility towards her personally is not to be taken lightly.

There are some things I oppose about Palin’s views but a lot I support too. It would be a shame if her career and life were ended because some CNN anchor went off his anti-psychotic meds before having her in the studio. But then, you need to be on meds to go off them.


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