Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | July 24, 2009

Islam In Europe: Recent News

The web site Islam in Europe is a fascinating blog. The author seems to make a real attempt to be unbiased and provides news links and translations that are both favorable and unfavorable to European Islamic communities. Some of the interesting items recently strike me as kind of ironic. Not surprising as such but ironic, especially given what both many critics of Islam and self-proclaimed spokesmen for Islam claim.

The Dutch Labor Party has been warned that they are too involved in religious issues and too quick to take the side of highly religious Muslims over secular society. Who was doing the warning? Was it a white supremacist group or a fundamentalist Christian sect? No, actually it was three councilmen of Moroccan origin. So immigrants are telling multicultural leftists that they are ethnocentric and too religiously conservative.

In Switzerland, a group is trying to discriminate against Muslim foreign workers for a particular job. That group is the Muslim community. It seems they want local members of their community trained as Imams because those being brought in from other countries are insensitive to the realities of European society.

Not enough English being spoken in mosques. This is according to certain Scottish Islamophobics who happen to be Scottish Muslims. It seems that sermons spoken in Arabic don’t seem all that interesting to the younger generation of Muslims who don’t speak Arabic. But this presents a problem because so many Muslim clerics don’t speak English (or understand the Western culture that young Muslims are living in). I am willing to bet that for every young zealot you see interviewed on the news by pro-shariah leftist media, there are large numbers of C and E Muslims (to borrow a Christian term) but that’s just my suspicion.

The Germans are trying to coerce the children of Turkish immigrants to learn a language that many of them are not keen on learning. A Nazi neo-con conspiracy to forcibly assimilate Turkish immigrants into German culture? Not exactly. The German government is trying to get these second and third generation immigrants to retain some Turkish language skills but the young Turks don’t see the point of it. Probably interested in frivolous things like making money and stuff. Kids today!

And finally, a group of Iranian immigrants are getting politically active. Well when you let too many Islamic immigrants into the country they start making demands; even using modern technology to further their aims. Only the demands are for human rights in Iran.

I know that there are also lots of stories out of the European Islamic community about honor killings and riots and zealotry of all kinds and they are important and should be given far more media attention than the paternalistic “journalists” of the day are comfortable with. But there is always more to a story than the obvious narratives on either side present. Only change is constant.


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