Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | July 25, 2009

Does Crowley’s Short Hair Make Him Resemble Mark Fuhrman?

Update (or Addendum or something): Since this post deals with race, leftists and such I thought I might stick this bit of news in at the top of this post. The Black Sphere at by Kevin Jackson is a site that offers penetrating criticisms of Obama, Democrats and leftist attitudes towards race. Jackson’s humor is also worth the price of admission which is free. Unfortunately his criticisms might have been a little too penetrating for some sensitive Sallies because they launched a denial of service attack on his site which his host is quickly sorting out. So I thought I would add his site to my list of links on behalf of the little darlings who tried to shut him up. Unfortunately I think I might need to wait until his DOS is sorted out unless WordPress is having some problem because currently, a link to The Black Sphere put in this post ends up pointing back at my blog. His site is currently available at his back up site at Now back to the post.

Well I have watched TV news footage of both sides of the Professor Gates/Officer Crowley issue giving their positions. Professor Gates feels his right to be abusive and slanderous towards a police officer on his own property when the cop is there to make sure he and his property are safe from intruders, was not respected. He proudly tells the interviewer that he took the officer’s alleged non-response to his questions as evidence of racism and asked the officer if this was the case. That does not add much to his credibility to put it mildly.

Speaking of Gates’ credibility, TIME(!) magazine named him one of the 25 most influential Americans in 1997. If TIME(!!) thinks your something special your probably something disturbing.

But what really diminishes his credibility is his profession. Now I don’t want to give the impression that all or even most university professors are psychotic, venomous, self-obsessed, self-aggrandizing thugs who get off on bullying people but from my experience that sort of personality seems to be granted an immediate shortcut to tenure. I bet one of Gates’ courses is a mandatory requirement for a degree that no other professor teaches. The psycho profs always seem to position themselves as such gate keepers due to the power it gives them over students.

While typing this, I overheard the newscaster say that Gates was a foremost scholar of race in America. What the Hell is that? Is that history, psychology or does he have a PhD in raceology or something? Whatever it means it seems to fit with Gates’ and Crowley’s recounting of Gates lecturing everyone about “black men in America” (as distinct from black men in Canada and France). Free Harvard course content – just go to his door. I didn’t know Harvard was so cutting edge in their free, open-source education experiments. The issue of black men in America seems to be the central theme of Gates’ career, interactions with police and every waking thought. Personally I like to mix thinks up and spend some of my waking hours think about spicy curie dishes and naked women. And I also saw one of Crowley’s colleagues speak about the case (the video segment was repeatedly introduced as featuring Crowley’s “African-American” partner, probably so that even blind viewers [wait, what?] would know that his word might be worth considering). This other officer was not present for the whole incident but he did hear Gates as he was being brought out of the house complaining that this was “how a black man gets treated in America; a white woman calls the cops and I get taken to jail” (paraphrased from my memory of the news segment). I can’t help but notice that the race of the person making the call matters to him. He seems to feel, with no evidence, that it contributed to the decision to arrest him. Even if Officer Crowley were a big hairy racist who decided to arrest Gates just to teach him who’s boss, nothing about that scenario would require him to be thinking about protecting the white women folk. Attributing motives to people without cause so as to make it easier to hate them is common in cases of paranoid prick professor syndrome. And in certain other political circles. Like all of them. Especially leftists.

So what was some of the fallout?

Everyone knows that Obama resorted to a kind of indirect name-calling. The police’s actions were called stupid not the police themselves. Just like how I might say that I would not call Democrats liars but merely note that they can’t stop lying. Indirect name calling is the kind of leadership you can’t by in stores. You need a Harvard degree for that.

Daily Kos just put up a post that Google News thinks is news which asks: How long will the racist right keep the Gates “issue” alive? Classy. And well played of Daily Kross to step on the point by posting about the “issue”. Ordinarily I would link to a site even if I disagree with it but it’s not like I would ever actually read the article and I figure that little hate site gets more than enough traffic from their media skank friends.

Reverend Jesse Jackson shocked the Hell out of me by actually saying something relatively diplomatic (if morally agnostic) about the issue. He must be mellowing in his age. Fortunately Reverend Al Sharpton stayed true to form. I wish to God someone would ask Rev. Wright for his opinion on all this. I think everyone could use a chuckle.

And the last bit of fallout will be that a dedicated police officer who has been working to improve the understanding of racial issues within the police force, who presents himself with decorum and professionalism has been slandered and, knowing Democrats and their “grassroots” will at the very least not be teaching racial profiling issues. While an elitist Harvard professor who conducts himself like a bombastic twit will hang the threat of a lawsuit over Crowley’s head and probably do the talk show circuit. And the message to young law enforcement officers coming into the field is that black owned homes are no-go areas.  I hope non-Harvard-professor black citizens, people who might actually want police services, have made other arrangements for their law enforcement needs. Maybe ACORN will lend some of their electoral monitors, the ones with billy clubs, to provide community policing.


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