Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | July 29, 2009

Speaking of Racist Asses…

Some Boston cop, Officer Justin Barrett, thought it would be a smashingly good idea to comment on Professor Gates’ behavior and make an insightful commentary on race by sending around a mass e-mail describing Gates’ actions in racist terminology. Let’s leave aside the fact that he is a non-profit spammer – spamming being something I have long wanted to see made a capital offense.

Once again in this case we see the all-important and nonexistent distinction between direct name-calling, which is infantile, and indirect name-calling which is somehow not, apparently. Barrett did not call Gates a banana-eating jungle monkey. He said: “if I was the officer he verbally assaulted like a banana-eating jungle monkey…” (emphasis mine). A little grammar trick can not make a racist comment smell like roses. And I hope they pointed out to Officer Genius that a “banana-eating jungle monkey” can not verbally assault anyone due to its lack of verbal ability and its mouth full of bananas. All they can do is vocalize in a mumbly, mouth-full-of-bananas kind of way so the simile is not just racist, it qualifies as dumbassery as well. But the real dumbassery in this case is Barrett trying to defending a fellow officer who is accused of being a stereotypical example of a racist cop by being a stereotypical example of a racist cop. And the act of assuming that his e-mail would stay anonymous was pretty weak too.

Shouldn’t having basic common sense be a prerequisite for being a police officer? Spammer, racist, dumbass. That’s three strikes, Barrett. Have a banana.


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