Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | August 11, 2009

The Internet is More Useful to Moderate Muslim Youth Than to Extremists

Funny thing, that. Coincidentally, or not, the population of self-identifying Dutch Muslims and the percentage of Muslims who attend mosques regularly is dropping.

And extremists seems to include the Australian government, and the Obama administration.

Speaking of uses for the Internet, would you like some blindingly obvious facts? More bandwidth is linked to economic growth. Oh, and the secret is out. Less blindingly obvious: even sub-Saharan Africa is seeing broadband growth. But to compensate for the still low penetration rate for broadband the mobile Internet is exploding in Africa.

The Internet boosts moderate view points and increases economic growth. Africa and the Middle East are seeing rapid increase in Internet growth. Synergism,  anyone?

I certainly hope that communications technologies continue to transform the Islamic world and Africa. Americans might need to relocate there now that American politics under Obama is increasingly dominated by threats, manipulation, violence and slander.


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