Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | August 12, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Ecuador has just elected a “socialist for the 21st century”. Good for them. (See you guys in 2101 C.E.)

Fortunately, Ecuador has a population of only a large city and its fertility rate is very low for a formerly developing nation so the amount of extra suffering this will bring to the world is fairly low compared to the rest of the planet but every little bit helps.

You know, there was once a time when the Nazis were so long defeated that we made historical comedies about them; Communism was collapsing; theocracy and monarchy were being rolled back everywhere; even humanity’s eternal goal of wiping out the Jews was made to seem old fashioned, as they now had a homeland and had proven that they could defend themselves militarily. Economies were prospering, democracy was spreading and even poor nations were starting to move in the right direction. Now the Nazis are crawling around every newsroom on the planet; their identical twin – Marxism is making political gains on every continent even while continuing to prove itself as the most effective way to destroy prosperity ever devised by man; Islamic theocracy is given a smile and a hug by progressive modern secular society despite having nothing near the demographic power or potential it should needs to be given such a privileged place in society; the international community is united in its desire to see Jews of Israel (and everywhere else) cleansed from the planet while it turns a blind eye to a state that is  pursuing the weapons technology that could help bring this about. Elections, referendums and constitutional changes are becoming theatrical performances with the ballots prepared before hand or the opposition intimidated away from the poling stations or the citizens’ impressions sculpted by monopolistic state or partisan media.

Funny how quickly things change. No worries. I’ll adapt.

If you ever get across the sea to England,
Then maybe at the closing of the day
The bars will all be serving German lager
Vhich means we von the var – hip hip hooray!

If you ever get across the sea to England, Then maybe at the closing of the day The bars will all be serving German lager Which means we won the war – hip


  1. GREAT BLOG! Here is that most endangered variety of fellow; a RATIONALIST! Someone who fosters a critical view of the world about, who does not succumb to the pandering mushery of media, of single-issue poseurs, of minority factions who complain but do nada to improve their lot.Yes, this man is a valued correspondent. The ‘anointed’ fear this kind of intelligent view of the world as it is; they resent being exposed as a conciliatory gaggle who will ‘accommodate’ all of us out of national sovereignty, out of capitalized social equanimity, out of our very access to what characterizes ‘free’ democratic society.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I like the use of the word “gaggle” to refer to media types. Like geese, they seem harmless, sound annoying and crap everywhere. They can also be surprisingly dangerous and vicious when the spirit moves them.

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