Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | August 26, 2009

Smiles Are Free.

I have mixed feelings about political posters in public spaces, especially when they are obviously placed without permission. On the one hand there are few methods that the average person can use to express their views without spending huge amounts of money. Slapping up a poster anonymously also allows one to express an opinion that may be on the wrong side of the partisan divide from one’s family, community or employer. And unlike blogging, it allows one to reach a geographically targeted audience; the people who vote in your district and whose decisions directly effect your life on a more immediate level. One might not change many people’s minds but it can help to dispel the illusion of uniformity of thought that politicians and the journalistas love to sink into like a warm bath. Currently they are so deep in the suds (I hope those are suds) that even opposition by large numbers of voters is deemed extremism and angry mobs of fringe group wackos. It has gotten to the point that the insulated class are withdrawing behind a wall of union muscle in SEIU meeting halls with phony citizenry consisting of campaign workers bussed in to create “public town-hall meetings” because dissent is so foreign to them that they can only see it as some weird cult (AUM-Tea-bagyo), even if that cult represents not just opposing partisans but formerly undecideds and even former supporters. Quite a sizable cult to be sure. But I digress.

Even expressing one’s views on one’s own property can be complicated for renters or people who live under the rules of a home owner’s association (and that’s an issue for another day – how do we strike a balance with such associations between wanting to avoid living next to someone who covers his house with pink masking tape and spells out obscene words on his lawn with plastic paving stones without having every square inch of land under the control of fascist twits who ban children from playing outside and demand that every house be identical to the ones near it.)

But on the other hand (that’s the second one for those of you keeping count), most people don’t want to be confronted with someone else’s politics every few feet on every wall, lamp post and mailbox. That’s what yard sale signs and ads for garage bands are for.

But given the number of “BUSH IS HITLER!!!!!!!!!” signs* I have been subjected to for eight years, I have to say I was incredibly impressed, surprised, refreshed and amused by what I saw today on a crosswalk post. Here, in the heart of Far-Eastern Soviet Canuckistan (i.e. the city of Fredericton), someone had placed one of those “Socialist” Obama as The Joker posters there to brighten my day, albeit a black and white version – someone lacking enough of the “means of production” to be able to afford colour copying it seems.

This image always brings a smile to my face!

This image always brings a smile to my face!

I glanced at it, smiled because I realized that this was actually placed in the real world rather than cyberspace and turned back to it, still smiling while waiting for the walk light and said “Why so stimulus?” (Not my line but one I admire. I also like “Why so socialist?” but with the word Socialism on the sign I thought it was too obvious even for an inanimate poster). This image was also originally done by a young non-Obama Democrat which proves that there are some Democrats who are able to be creative and observant (they are probably the ones who become Republicans after a decade or two and say things like: “Back then I never thought I could ever be a Republican and now I can’t believe I was ever a Democrat.”). It also proves that something can be “racist” until it is found to be the work of a Democrat and then the racist aspect evaporates. The ninth law of political vapor constants, I believe. And if hating Obama’s policies is racist then some blacks are becoming racist. Not many but every one helps.


When you’re smilin’,

Oh when you’re smilin’

The whole world smiles with you.

* Just to compare the analogies:

Bush was elected twice by mass majority, had no control over the media and left office without any armies surrounding his capital – Hitler, not so much. He was elected as a minority power and let his thugs take it from there. He also exerted total control over the media, the economy,  and everything else you care to mention. National Socialism is still socialism.

Obama came into town, made lots of demands, did a lot of damage, set fire to a big pile of money and cracked jokes that only he thought were funny. Whereas The Joker… Holy crap! Bit on the nose I’d say.



  1. The ‘popular’ election of OBAMA will front an administration who are puppets of ‘uber’ controlling cabals who are intent on destroying this country’s social civility, who are intent on destabilizing our economy, our ability to sustain our way of life, who are determined to subjugate this country’s sovereignty to a global mentality for the convenience of an elite gang of schemers who are wholly in pursuit of their insular goals. This country is already halfway to a fascist state where citizens are considered merely as a resource for forced participation less the remuneration that made this country vital. Sad

  2. It seems to me that the people who actually know how damaging these policies (socialism etc.) are well mixed in with a large number of well meaning yet delusional and or ignorant people who actually think they are doing the right thing. Ancient societies which discovered an early form of democracy (Greeks) or at least a system of accountability in government (Romans) eventually gave it up even after it made them rich and powerful. The fatal flaw of democracy is seems to be that humans are not intelligent enough to keep at it when times get tough. It is not sustainable at thew level of human intelligence, any more than complete totalitarianism is. The solution is to replace humans with super intelligent machines (like voice activated toaster ovens) as voters. When 15% of votes cast are by A.I. toaster ovens there will finally be a stable democratic process and a functional economy, free from political interference by an feudalistic elite.

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