Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | September 15, 2009

Obama Picks the Correct Side For Once

Obama, attempting to comment off the record, called Kanye West a jackass.

West made news at something called the MTV music awards or something like that, when he tried to support his pick for best female something or other after she lost to a seventeen year old country singer named Taylor Swift. His support involved taking the mic from Miss Swift, telling everyone that someone else should have won and basically ruining the girl’s night.

That is, unless it was all a stunt. I’m not saying Swift was in on it but anyone invested in her career will realize that she gets people’s sympathy and exposure (I had never heard of her before this) while MTV gets talked about again. And between the psychopath segment of West’s demographic who probably thought it was great and the rest who will be won back by his “I’m ashamed and have been under stress” explanation making him a sympathetic character, he doesn’t come off that bad either. Everybody wins. But for now, face value of the episode seems to indicate that West is a jackass who got drunk and humiliated a young performer on what should have been a wonderful night for her.

But back to the title subject, Obama actually didn’t defend outrageous behavior by someone who’s black. And since he supposedly didn’t think he was speaking on the record he doesn’t look like he is poking his nose into an issue he has no business with. Who would have thought that some mild to moderate trauma to a teenager could bring so much benefit to so many people. I think we should humiliate teenagers more often. Make it an Olympic sport.


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