Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | October 11, 2009

Magnets Do What They’re Told.

I have been in a snarly, pig biting mood lately so I have been kind of weak in the area of blogging productivity. Certainly, seeing that our new God,  (Mmm, mmm, mmm!) Barack Hussein Obama, has won the Norwegian antisemitic and socialistic peace prize for his contribution to theology was a bit of a boost. A tongue-in-cheek movement is afoot to have Obama written in on ballots for the Heisman Trophy. It is blasphemous to mock our new God made flesh but I do approve of him being awarded the Heisman. Somebody needs to get ACORN working on voter registration campaigns ASAP. Where are the Black Panthers when you need them.

What led me to compose this post (or to comp-post as I like to abbreviate it) is this article at Next Big Future about coded programmable magnets. Using patterns of numerous differing magnetic domains they can create magnet pairs that are actually more strongly binding than simple opposite polarity magnets yet their power drops off much faster with distance so they are safer to use and they lose their attraction when you rotate them so you can just twist them apart. A company video is embedded at the article. Metals and programmable magnets with different patterns don’t have the same attraction so a magnet “powerful” enough to lift a shipping container won’t hoist people up by their tool belts or demagnetize everyone’s credit cards. Any number of physical mechanisms could be used to prevent the magnets turning out of alignment until one wants them released – pins, posts, clamps, bits of string and chewing gum… whatever.

Very cool indeed.



  1. Ahh, yes, that’s the stuff. Cutting snark together with interesting factotums from science. I was worried that you had up and taken Sanjay to the hills of Tora Bora to find this Bin Laden chap yourself, dear boy.

    I think I shall lurk around this blog rather than your other endeavor. Too many robots and perversions at that location, old chap.

    Knew you’d savvy. Knew you would, knew you would.

  2. In other news, I would be FASCINATED to hear what a mutual acquaintance of ours (one whom you are quite close to) thinks of this move:

    I did not know that religions could ‘merge’ like this, like a corporate takeover. Sort of closing the circle some 450 years after Henry VIII, no?

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