Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | November 21, 2009

Irony Roundup

Recently I overheard some ironic subject matter that I would like to share:

The Vatican criticized the new movie, Twilight: New Moon. Not for the obvious reasons – that it turns movies about vampires and werewolves into a chick flick genre – but for being a “moral vacuum with a deviant message”. In other news, the Pope, who granted a bishop who covered up for molesting priests a promotion, just replaced a bishop who had been caught at an airport transporting child porn. That would be a good example of a moral vacuum. In pre-Constantine Rome, Christianity would have been the virtual definition of a deviant message. Whether it still is is a matter of opinion. Pope Benny also thought that Lord of the Rings was too long and there was too much salt on the popcorn. If you work at the Vatican and you are picked to be the Pope’s secret Santa, don’t give him coupons for the movies.

A female member of government for the nation of Afghanistan appeared at an anti NATO protest to speak against the ongoing military operation in Afghanistan. As soon as NATO surrenders her nation to the Taliban they will promptly kill her by stoning or lashings for having done a man’s work and for having collaborated with the invaders and their blasphemous democracy and while this may be just what she wants, many people (maybe not a majority) inside Afghanistan and in NATO countries think that losing the country to the thugs who throw acid in the faces of little school girls is not a positive thing. Oh well.

The media love whistle-blowers. They never feel so noble as when they risk jail to protect a source. When a group of Russian hackers helped a whistle-blower publish files showing climate scientists manipulating data about global warming and conspiring to not comply with FOIA requests, the media is largely refusing to report on the revelations until their lawyers can assure then that reporting on info that is publicly available on the Internet via an innocent third-party is all right. Early speculation that the exposed files might have been salted with fake e-males seem unfounded as the climate “scientists” involved have refused to discuss the issue due to their high moral stance against improperly attained information. This is the second major episode of climate science fakery in as many months but it is nice to know that the media are getting around to asking if they are allowed to talk about the issue.

Enough irony for now. Time to kill wookies online.

Update: (It’s not really an update since I have not posted this at the time of this inclusion but I don’t want to reword the draft.) It is not just the incriminating e-mails. Comments in some of the code used to generate those fancy little squiggles illustrating the apocalyptic climate trends – comments about what the code is doing and why – are far more damaging to the alarmist’s case and the field of climatology in general (via Al Fin). There is a lot of data in these files but it looks like whoever wanted to exposed it knew what to take. I suspect there is a lot more to be discovered in these files and even some of the media is starting to clue in/admit what is happening.



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  2. The part that makes me the sickest and the saddest out of the last 8 years or so is what’s happened to my ‘world view.’ Time was, I’d argue for the common decency of man and the need to “bring freedom” to everyone. Shades of the falling of the Berlin Wall, and all that.

    No more. Basically, fuck Afghanistan. We’ve pushed the remnants of AQ into the mountains. Their real power and leadership remain in Pakistan, where they’ve been all along. Let’s run some black ops on those assholes, and bring the troops home. We can’t force these donkeys to drink the liberation koolaid, so they can go back to wallowing in the shit of their 8th century ideology for all I care.

    Same deal with Iraq. They’re the equivalent of Kentucky moonshiners with no concept of the gift they were handed. No more ‘First World’ troops should get killed trying to drag these morons into the light.

    If that rant makes me a ‘racist’ (whatever THE FUCK that’s supposed to mean these days), then so be it. Humans are tribal. As a member of an enlightened, well-meaning and basically honorable society founded from the Greco-Roman tradition, I say let’s pull up the drawbridge and let the Barbarians destroy themselves. I make no distinction there about skin pigmentation, mind, but about civic orientation. Just so we’re clear.

    In the immortal words of Aristotle, “When the going gets tough, the weird turn pro.” Or was that Hunter S. Thompson?

    The grain alcohol with pure rainwater jumbles up my thinking sometimes, Mandrake.

  3. Comment # 879 in Ace’s annual self-flagellation post!!!

    I can’t believe I lingered through all that, but I was thrilled to ‘see’ someone I knew enter the fray. You vindicated what was shaping up to be a colossal waste of time!

    And that last O/T point you made – you captured the issues so succinctly, if repetitively. Kudos, sir.

    God help me if you ever figure out my ‘nick’ on that site…

  4. And the weird part?

    I always figured “Michael in MI” was you…

    My bad!

  5. Ha! To be clear, I don’t think I have used a comment name besides Snake Oil Baron for ages. As for your nick – I would likely never be able to figure it out given the shockingly large number of people who share your (and my) views on thing. It must be a full 5% of all net users.

    I can’t remember what the post was or what my comment was but if you say I was succinct I must have not been commenting under the influence of Shiraz.

    And since you are not a Democrat I really doubt you are racist. As for the limits of exporting freedom, you are right to an extent but more because there are so many forces in the west and in tyrannical regimes which undercut all efforts to accomplish the goal. I still think that Iraq is potentially salvageable and Afghanistan depends on widening the fight to Pakistan. Also, understanding the fact that governments like Yemen’s are not “partners in the war on terror” or even supporters of terrorism. They ARE terrorists. Yemen’s government *is* al Qaeda – i.e. an integral part of the network of people and groups which have declared war on the US and the West.

    The goal I support is that of keeping a few theaters of conflict open where our forces can kill many more of their young radicalized youth from all over the world and they can continue to commit crimes against their own civilians so that:

    A) the most radical people of all Islamic nations are siphoned off

    B) the crimes against Muslims by other Muslims help disillusion everyone who support these freaks.

    While this is going on, the demographic transition in the Islamic world continues (the fertility rate falls and the population ages), apostasy and secularism continue to spread, and the more tyrannical regimes fall behind and oil revenues diminish from poor investment in infra structure, new oil discoveries, and alternative sources of chemicals and energy are developed.

    We don’t have to impose liberty on the whole world. We just need to distract it while we leave the tyrants, theocrats and communists in the dust. And active wars are a great testing ground for new weapons technologies.

    Leaving them in the dark ages is great in theory but they have proven that they can’t be trusted to behave in their theme park of rape, mutilation and stoning. They come back into the real world and make mischief with our planes, trains, and computer networks. So personally, I don’t see disengagement as a practical or desirable option.

    My world view has changed a lot also. I used to think that “peace” was at least a noble goal if not always a practical goal. Lately I have begun to see peace as an offensive concept that is incompatible with liberty. Peace means accepting the unacceptable – like death camps in North Korea and the rape of innocent men, women and youth as a means of political and social control in Iran or the gassing of Kurds in pre-war Iraq. I think I have lost my stomach for “peace” of any kind.

    But then, I tend to take an odd slant on things.


  6. Allow me to quote you from the relevant passage from comment #879:

    “Somewhat off topic:


    Suddenly seeing that in his usual looonnnnggg mea culpa after a bi-polar episode was like walking through the concourse of O’Hare or La Guardia and abruptly hearing somebody bellowing out, “Let me on the plane, you oily trollop!” and realizing that it’s a friend that you went to high school with.

    Will comment more later. For now: Glad you had a good holiday, sorry the job situation currently consists of much suckitude, and really glad you’re back blogging.

    Gentlemen, to The Queen.

  7. Oh Yes! I remember that comment. It actually is relevant to a wide variety of topics. I first heard it on an episode of the cartoon “Mission Hill” and realized the hidden profoundness of it. I have been using it on political blogs ever since.

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