Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | January 19, 2010

Profound Statements About Haiti

You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging for a while now. My career/education plans have made an unscheduled flight plan deviation into the side of a mountain and I have been trying to get a permanent job while working irregular hours as a retail worker. I had really thought that this time things were going to work out but that’s life. Now I need to find a relatively stable job that will allow me to make student loan payments and keep the wolf from the door until I’m old enough to get geriatric profanity disorder and get locked away.

But since there is some material regarding Haiti that just begs me to address it. So let’s begin.

I am not even going to look for a link on the Pat Robertson story regarding his comments about Haiti’s earthquake being a result of some pact made with the devil at Haiti’s independence. Now, there is a precedent for the Judeo-Christian God holding future generations responsible for the misdeeds of their ancestors – I think seven generations is the norm. But I think that this would be the first time he has applied this standard to gentiles and punished people for the acts of someone they are not even all descended from. Unless Robertson thinks that this “pact” was made by all the Haitians of the time in a big open air festival of devil-pact-making. It’s hard to know exactly what the model of reality that Robertson uses actually looks like; he has a long and distinguished history of making comments so insane that they make you feel like you are tilting your head left and right at the same time.

I have heard of both of these next two related stories earlier from net news searches about Haiti but since Dave in Texas of Ace of Spades HQ fame put links to both of them in one post, saving me from having to look them up again, I will tip my hat in his direction. Speaking of bat-shit crazy, Hugo Chavez accused America of attempting a military take over of Haiti because of all the soldiers they are sending. Okay, Hugo (the smeller of sulfur) Chavez is bound to say something like that. But hey, why let him have all the fun? A French governmental  Minister said essentially the same thing. Only with him it was likely less to do with pure insanity and more to do with sour grapes. Many people in France’s ruling class and academic circles never really got over being a colonial power. They still see all french-speaking nation as being their bitches and don’t like other potential alpha dogs sniffing around them – especially an Anglo alpha dog. This attitude explains why France has made so many disastrous foreign policy mistakes which have caused their former colonies to stagnate or become resentful of France after the dictators they had supported to maintain their political and cultural influence eventually fall. Certain African nations have become so tired of the French machinations that they have removed French as an official language or begun removing it from their education system in favor of English, Arabic or local languages. Haiti speaks french (or their ruling elite does – everyone else speaks a french creole) and the idea that America might get in there giving aid and emergency assistance at a time of crisis is terrifying to certain Frenchmen. So labeling it a military occupation is seen as a great way to limit America’s involvement since the claim will fly well with the UN, and similar evildoers. In the long run it will damage France’s relations with Haiti but that is the foundation of French foreign policy; make friends today even if it makes enemies tomorrow.

If anyone shares my concerns about the Red Cross (helping Nazis, providing assistance to terrorist groups and purposefully giving AIDS and hepatitis to Canadians as a cost saving measure and then insulting us for calling them out on it etc.) but want to help the people of Haiti, you might consider making a donation to Pan American Relief. Val at Babalu Blog endorses them so they are at least not likely to be pro-Castro DNC partisan lobbyists. It is not that a donation to the Red Cross won’t help Haitians or that I am encouraging people not to donate through the Red Cross but for some of us they have burnt too many bridges and there are alternatives.

Well, that’s all for now. I suspect that people will say a lot more stupid things about Haiti and other topics in the near future. I picked a poor time to go slack on the blogging as issues like Fistgate, Climategate and… well, everything Democrats and other leftists say and do, have been providing huge amounts of gripe-worthy material that I have left ungripe-ed. I hope I can get back on the blogging horse now.



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