Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | January 23, 2010

Just Raising Questions; Putting It Out There.

Those phrases in this post’s title are the ones which have been used to promote certain views without forcing the advocate to adopt the smell of bat-shit that such beliefs would otherwise impart. Examples include the 9/11 conspiracy, the theory about how Sarah Palin wore a prego-suit to cover up her daughter’s pregnancy and even the Obama-was-born-outside-the-US theory (less crazy but equally false) I joke about his birth certificate as well but when it comes down to it there are 3 reasons why Obama does not release the long form of his birth certificate: 1) The short form is sufficient 5) not releasing the long form looks just suspicious enough to keep a certain fraction of his critics distracted and looking obsessive when they would otherwise be looking at the actual issues that would embarrass him. It could be one of the few clever things Obama has ever done.

What are some of the questions that are “just being raised” and “put out there” these days? Well, like 9/11 trutherism and Holocaust denial and rehashed anti-Semitic blood libels, just look for a group of people who are suffering and ripe for exploitation for political purposes. Enter the dead, injured and homeless of the Haitian earthquake.

First Cuban state media, then Venezuelan President, Hugo “sulfur-smeller” Chavez, then every jackass on the net has decided that the US has used the HAARP station to induce the earthquake in Haiti both to provide an excuse to take over Haiti and to practice for its use on Iran. The Sichuan quake in China was caused by the same weapon of course (the 12th day of the month – spooky). After all, why would the US respond so quickly with military troops if they were not looking to take over the country (I seem to remember some leftists claiming that Bush was “occupying” New Orleans before they figured out that it was more effective to accuse them of ignoring it after hurricane Katrina – propaganda is a many splendored thing and needs to adapt with changing events). I have seen comment threads on this issue where people who ask how such a weapon would work are chastised as being scientifically illiterate and asked to Google various HAARP conspiracy sites. Apparently the explanation of “electromagnetic” energy and “harmonic resonance” are of sufficient scientific literacy to explain everything and everyone is a douche-bag for not understanding that.

In the same line of (Ha!) reasoning, people are asking why Israel has responded so quickly and with so many resources. Guess what the answer they are coming up with is. No really, guess.

Those juice are stealing organs from Haitians. Unlike the lie about Israel hunting down innocent Palestinians to steal their organs, this one does not even have a real event to twist into a blood libel (the IDF briefly harvested some tissues like skin and corneas from mostly Israeli citizens and a few dead Palestinian terrorists without prior consent – a practice that is actually advocated by some Western nations as a means of supplying organs and tissues; instead of an organ donor card, donation refuseniks would have to carry an organ retention card). It is just assumed that the Juice can not be in Haiti with medical equipment without a lust for human flesh as a motivation.

So here is my question which I am “merely raising” and “putting out there”: Is a large portion of humanity so squirrel-molestingly brain-damaged because of genetics or from environmental pollutants?


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