Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | February 1, 2010

Iran at a Crossroads! (Say Hi to Indonesia While You’re There)

Some developments in Iran and surrounding regions:

The best way to deal with inflation is to print more money – or at least, new money, right? And the best way to fight a fire is with flammable liquids and tanks full of oxygen with leaky valves. Iran is knocking three zeros off its currency. Sounds like a winning strategy to me. What could possibly go wrong?

The Euronews channel is planning on creating broadcasts in Persian and Turkish languages. Persian is spoken in many parts of Iran and Afghanistan and Turkish is spoken in some other nation… I think it might be Duckistan. Now being a European broadcaster it will probably have lots of anti-Semitic content and “death to America” chanting but it is also likely to introduce subversive concepts and ideas; even if only to decry them. Actual information and polluting concepts like liberty and tolerance of opposing views are likely to creep through and continue the process of contaminating the tribal purity of this most pristine region of the planet.

I remember reading that, in the early protests of Iran’s recent and fraudulent election of mid-2009, the protesters wore masks and the pro-government religious militias did not but in the later protests at year’s end the militia members wore masks and the protesters did not. There was a sense that the spirit of confidence had switched sides. Regime thugs were more often being pulled off their motorbikes and the bikes burned. Cops and soldiers were refusing orders to attack protesters (the original revolution in Iran was successful when it became obvious that the army was not going to intervene on behalf of the Shah). As well, the later unrest had moved beyond the students and urban dwellers to the religious conservatives of the Koran-belt. And with Revolution Day approaching, and protests scheduled to resume, things could heat up very quickly.

Given the videos that have circulated on the web of regime supporting thugs running down protesters with trucks (and reversing to try to make certain that the injured were killed) and religious militia members shooting people from their motorbikes, Perhaps some preparation would be in order before the Feb 11th events. Long poles with big knives securely attached could be used to puncture truck tires so that sledge hammers could be used on the windows and the occupants pulled out before they can run over people for protesting the government. What happens to them then is the crowds’ business. And chains could be distributed to throw into the wheels of the Basij motorbikes. It is hard to shoot reformers when you are flying over your handlebars. In short, I recommend taking this event seriously. It might be a long time before reformists get another try. The latest uprisings saw attacks on police stations and Basij headquarters. More of that is needed. Focus on the apparatus of state power. Don’t just burn down police stations. Bust in and take weapons.

I am, of course, doing far less than the jihadis on Facebook and al YouTube do when they call on Muslims to rise up against Western nations. These corporations go to extremes to protect the content of terrorist groups; from ignoring their own terms of use to violating the law of the US – the nation in which the operate. You see, it is illegal to knowingly provide services to people who are designated terrorists and groups designated as terrorist agencies. In theory at least. I don’t advocate purposeful attacks against innocent civilians but instead encourage the people of a totalitarian regime to rise against their owners by any means necessary. This would get me banned from Facebook or YouTube. Calling for Muslims to bomb infidels and encouraging a new Holocaust against the Jews would get me at worst a removal of the content. YouTube has a policy of three banned videos and you’re out. It does not enforce this policy for jihadis. Neither company is anywhere near as fast to act on complaints about content promoting terror as they are in banning material that terrorists might find offensive.

I hope Iranians achieve freedom. I hope YouTube and Facebook find some responsible management. I hope Biden and Obama get high cholesterol  from all that ice cream.



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