Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | April 26, 2010

Important Breaking News!!!!!! (!!!)

A shocking news story has come to light. This very blog is involved. Are you all sitting down? Here is the scoop:

The Snake Oil Baron blog has not posted any content for a long time. When tracked down, the Baron was informed that some feel it was irresponsible to remain silent during certain events of historical significance, and was then asked what he would say to such charges, he turned to the reporter’s recording device and screamed “FECK YOU, CHARGES!!!”

Later that evening the Snake Oil Baron contacted that same reporter at his unpublished home phone number and expanded on this comment by stating that he would be returning to producing content shortly and telling the reporter “You know… I love you man! I really love you dude!” The reporter, who has never met the Baron before that evening is still unsure how the Baron got his number but states that: “something in the Baron’s voice made me wonder if I should consider moving to a different continent.”

We will have more details as they become available.



  1. Pfft. Believe it when I see it! You’ll na be snookerin’ this wee rag agin, d’ya ken?

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