Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | January 14, 2011

This Is Getting Weird.

The longer this Arizona shooting goes on the more I wonder if maybe I am the one who has gone insane. Journalists, editors, publishers, broadcasters and politicians can not possibly hold the positions they do in anything approaching a self-consistent reality and yet possess the mental state they have exhibited. Since 9-11 (it goes back much further but I was not really paying enough attention to notice), I have watched the them twist reality, mix it with guesses, wishful thinking and outright lies and sculpt it into a simulation of the world they would prefer to exist. They seemed to believe that if they can get enough of the rest of us believing in their dream world, it would be true. Now they can’t tell the difference between the dream and the waking world. And the more facts start to intrude into the dream, the harder they have to work at coming up with delusions to patch the gaps.

Cause and effect have become loose guideline rather than necessity. History, both recent and distant are being rewritten. Conclusions prove premises. If ‘A’ is proof of ‘B’ then the opposite of ‘A’ is also proof of ‘B’.

How can we blame people for missing the signs of an obviously disturbed paranoid, delusional schizophrenic when those same symptoms are job requirements for our culture’s elite class and their foot soldiers?


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