Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | January 15, 2011

Just Curious…

Considering things like the media going over Insanity Falls in a basket*, the Republican party in the U.S. electing a left-wing lobbyist as their chair-thingy, everyone becoming optimistic about the continuing acceleration of the planet’s economic disintegration and my constant aura of technical and bureaucratic bad luck** I just need to ask…


* Before you say “Insane media? What else is new?” I’m not talking garden variety twisted here. They’ve gone rocking-back-and-forth-covered-in-bugs type crazy now. I mean “Radar, get me the forms for a Section 8 and call HQ for a padded jeep” kind of crazy.

** Today my bank card stopped working and while I was on a pay-phone making sure nothing was wrong with my account, the automatic doors of the store opened and the shoplifting alarm started going off with no one around. That is today. Since late December I’ve had delayed and cancelled flights, strange delays in a bureaucratic matter I am pursuing, many more little annoyances than usual and people around me are experiencing weird injuries, infections and even a couple of what seemed like exposure to Botulism toxin (both recovered, one after losing consciousness). I wish I was a journalist/politician so I could explain all of this by blaming Sarah Palin. Live is so simple when you’re simple.


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