Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | January 29, 2011

Mubarak: I’m a Complete Loser But I’m Firmly in Control

If I understand the situation in Egypt currently, Pharaoh Fumble-nuts asked his entire government to step down… except for himself of course. He is admitting that the protesters are right and that the whole state apparatus is a total cock-up but feels that he, as head of state, has nothing to do with that.

A BBC reporter was said to have been beaten by police. Ironic. One of them actually does his job as a journalist and he gets beaten. All of the BBC reporters who deserve a good beating remain unscathed at the London press club or wherever they loiter, reading Karl Marx to each other and sipping lite beer. From what the Egyptian bloggers have said in the past about Egyptian police, the reporter got off lightly since there is no mention of him being raped. Egyptian police really, REALLY like to rape people they see as a threat to the regime. Much like in Iran, it seems to be a cultural tradition; raping for the state.

The moment the Pharaoh asked his underlings to take the blame, every officer in the military should have clues in that Mubarak is spending his last hours/days with either his citizenship or his head and has admitted defeat but since there are currently tanks in the streets, it seems that reality is taking some time to soak in.

Now the only question is: what will take the place of the Mubarak monarchy? There are good and bad possibilities but given the last “democracy” a roll of the dice is worth a gamble. I just hope that if they roll another snake eyes (like the Muslim Brathood), that they don’t wait another 30 years for their next roll.


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