Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | February 2, 2011

Things To Remember When Hiring Thugs

If your potential thugs show up to the job interview riding horses, think twice about hiring them. If they show up on camels, laugh them out the door. I’m not saying you can’t abuse your citizenry using camel riders, but do you really want to be *that* dictator? Do you want to go down in history as Captain Camel?

Also, whether it is your idea or one forwarded by the thug applicants, if they are willing to embrace a plan that involves riding mounts into an angry crowd, grossly outnumbered and whip people into loyalty, you definitely have the wrong guys for your thug job openings.

Remember, no matter how much distance you try to maintain between your thugs and your personal responsibility, your thugs represent you and your regime. Don’t hire Bin-Lary, Momar and Curly Fubar from the back country.


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