Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | February 27, 2011

Taking Out the Trash; Not the Same as a Full Remodel

Egypt proves one of the points made by Natan Sharanski in “The Case For Democracy”. While he does not absolve dictators from blame, he recognizes that killing the head jackass does not mean final victory. As much as the rulers and elite alter the society of a fear state, that same fear state alters the rulers and elite. Mubarak is gone but dismantling the system he used to rule has barely begun. Cops still behave with incompetent impunity. The army does not interfere as they destroy documents that prove their crimes.

When Qadhafi is removed, there will be much cause for celebrating but freedom will take a lot longer to achieve.

Some states in this theater of revolution may even be hijacked by extremist groups who let the pro democracy folk do the heavy lifting of regime change – The old Iranian revolution is one example of this.

But at least, taking out the head of a fear state does go a long way to breaking its grip on their societies. I hope that enough of these revolutions go on to reform both nation and society so that the number of democratic nations in the world begins to climb again.


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