Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | November 25, 2011

Encampments of Marxists? In 2011?

I went back in time yesterday to the year 1996. I was trying to sell a short story in the science fiction genre by writing about 2011. I thought I would look like a genius by describing events that would later come true. Unfortunately, no one would publish it.

I was told that the idea of Marxist ideologues even trying to take over public and private spaces, let alone being allowed to, was ludicrous given the massive collapse of the Soviet system. The suggestion that America would be ruled by a class of people–journalists and politicians–who not only support these encampments but who think exponential increases in debt, spending and taxes is a good idea, was ridiculed. They told me that “There is no way that people would accept a political party which labeled all who disagree with them as racists and or violent. That’s just stupid.”

Oh, and what about the idea that many Americans and other Westerners would witness a massive terrorist attack on American soil, hear a well-funded group that had a history of such terrorism claim responsibility for it and yet be convinced that their own government was the actual perpetrator? The publishers of 1996 told me that coming up with such an idea demonstrated a profound inability to comprehend human nature.

When they read my assertion about scientific peer review becoming so corrupted that one psychologist could fake an entire career and other “experts” could be found to have monopolized and manipulated an entire field of study for the purpose of advancing a program of “wealth redistribution”, most of them read no further.

These publishers asked me why I thought that people in a mere decade and a half would suddenly be such complete morons at such a large scale. I couldn’t really answer that without saying that maybe people had always been that stupid and they would only become conspicuous about it in years to come. So they rejected my sci-fi story.

No royalties; no status of prophet/psychic for me. Stupid worthless time machine.



  1. Maybe if you had used the “hot tub” time machine?

    As to the Marxist encampments, it gets worse.

    You’ve probably already seen this, but recently down in this neck of the woods the Richmond Tea Party movement asked the mayor an interesting question: Why is it we had to apply (and pay) for permits in advance to conduct our day-long demonstrations as a group, but the Occupy Richmond group has had to do none of the above? The answer:

    The Richmond Tea Party is being audited by the city. This kind of unequal treatment under the law might seem funny/banal to the “progressives” currently in power, but to those of us who have read our history and understand the concept of long-term consequences, it ices the blood.

    Stockpile whiskey and ammo, old boy.

    Recently I had the privilege of lounging around in my apartment watching news with pater familias. Watching some particularly egregious example of “critical thinking” in one segment, I muttered (practically under my breath), “Stupid should hurt.” Not missing a beat, dear old Dad responded, “Oh, it usually does. Just not always the right people.”

    It is heartening to know that not all of the Baby Boomer generation are worthless scum.

    Cheers, old fruit.

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