Posted by: Snake Oil Baron | August 16, 2016

Trump: The Plan B candidate.

Trump scenario 1: Opponents say you’re racist against Hispanics.

Plan A: Put a campaign ad on with a legally immigrated Hispanic woman saying that illegal immigration is a crime not a race–not her race.

Plan B: Have someone record you eating a taco salad on Cinco De Mayo. Also lie about where it came from just for chuckles.

Trump scenario 2: Opponents put up a Muslim Gold Star family to call you anti-Muslim.

Plan A: Respectively disagree then ignore the family while taking out an ad noting that opponents are staging this to distract from very serious scandals. Focus on those scandals.

Plan B: Spend time squabbling with the family and mocking the mother for not saying anything like a some typical Muslim woman. Also squabble with conservatives and centralists. Complain about the media

Trump scenario 3: You’re tanking in the polls but you can attract large crowds of committed supporters.

Plan A: Spend all your time campaigning in swing states with lots of electoral college votes.

Plan B: Have a fun rally in a state you can’t hope to win and which wouldn’t help if you did win it. Tell everyone that the polls don’t matter because they are rigged and prepare for losing by claiming the elections are rigged. Also blame your impending defeat on the stupid people who won’t vote for you.


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