I probably do not share your opinion and it is probably not because I have just never heard someone as eloquent and informed as you debate the issue. You will probably find me to be a closed-minded, neocon, Zionist, capitalist, neo-Darwiniac, warmonger, Liberal, militant atheist jerk who has been brainwashed by Karl Rove and Chimpy McBushitler. My opinions can be dismissed as right-wing/left-wing talking points and group think. I feel that the only distinction between socialism and communism is time in power and the means of by which that power was obtained. I do not see why Hitler was considered “right-wing” since all of his policies were identical to Stalin’s and are similar to Islamism and Hugo Chavez’s 21st century socialism. Evolution is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt; human created climate apocalypse is not. The Holocaust did happen and the Soviet Union had one too. Violence solves everything; fascism, communism, feudalism, theocracy, slavery, colonialism. Peace is what we enjoy when we are enslaved or our slaves are submitting. Peace is evil. Journalism has been dead for a long time. Jamil Hussein told me so and I understand that he never lies.



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